New Riders

TMGP provides riders school for all new riders. All new riders that do not have a current road-racing license with another affiliated ROAD RACING ORGANIZATION (approved by TMGP), must attend the new riders school. New riders will be required work two hours of corner working.

Cost of Riders School is $35.00. 

Please CONTACT US if you have any questions!


RACERS 17 AND UNDER MUST HAVE MINOR RELEASE SIGNED BY BOTH PARENTS FOR THE FIRST RACE (AT EACH TRACK). IF ONLY ONE PARENT IS ATTENDING, EMAIL: 12 DAYS BEFORE THE 1ST RACE FOR FORMS TO BE MAILED TO YOU, THE FORM MUST BE SIGNED BY THE PARENT NOT ATTENDING AND THE SIGNATURE MUST BE NOTARIZED. Proof of age (Authentic Birth Certificate, Driver’s License, Passport, Military ID, or State Id) must be submitted for new riders 17 and under. Please bring these documents with you at your first race.


♦ Full race leathers are strongly recommended. Motorcross gear may be used with hard elbows, hard knees and chest/back protector. Back Protector, gloves, boots that cover the ankle, and a full face helmet are required.
♦ Helmet MUST BE SNELL 2015 or newer, manufactured within the last 5 years and in a undamaged condition.

♦ The Texas Mini Grand Prix Series does NOT provide medical insurance. Each rider must have their own personal medical insurance policy.

All race bikes must pass tech inspection. The tech inspector may at any time revoke approval of the bike if it no longer meets requirements. The tech inspector may at his discretion allow a "temporary fix" for a non safety related problem for a particular race weekend.

1. Axle nuts, oil filler and drain, brake caliper mounting bolts, and torque arms, must be either safety wired or cotter pinned. "R" type clips may be used in certain applications, but must be wired closed.
2. Oil and gas lines must be made secure.
3. Water cooled machines must use only water as a coolant. No antifreeze or antifreeze substitutes.
4. The bike must have an operating kill switch.
5. The throttle must be self closing.
6. Front and rear brakes must be in good working condition.
7. Any glass or plastic must be taped.
8. Tires must be in good condition, and must be street / slick type (no knobbies).
9. Removable exhaust baffles must be safety wired.
10. If a speedometer or tachometer are used, the cable must be safety wired at both ends.
11. All bikes must have catch bottles on any outlet that Water, Oil or Gas can leak from.
12. Where stock airbox / intake is required, air filter must be same general shape as OEM factory air filter.
13. Footpeg hinges must be secured with tape (click).

Must Be Removed May Be removed
Headlight lens and bracket Horn
Mirrors Rear brake light switch
Reflectors Kickstart lever
Turn signals Kick start internal mechanism
Tail light assembly and bracket Battery
Tool kit Battery box
Grab rail Helmet lock
Speedometer and cable
Chain guard
Side stand
For Class specific rules click here


♦ Use your assigned number whenever possible. If you are riding a loaner bike, be sure to let registration know in advance.
♦ Numbers must be high contrast, clearly legible at a distance, and located on the front cowling, and either side of the tail cowling.


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